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Black light puppet by THPText Box:

After 20 years, you can still trust THP Puppets for top quality Professional Puppets!!


Our custom-made puppets are especially popular with churches and youth pastors, and creative arts teams.


We specialize in blacklight puppets that are made with UV-sensitive fabrics and feathers.


Our puppets have their own distinct faces that are the trademark of Talking Hands Puppets.

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We "Pay It Forward!"

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Meet Ashley & Crystal

Meet Ru (pronounced “Roo).



She is named after a young


girl who was adopted from


China in 2012.



Her parents have since


added 2 more children


from China to their family


through adoption.



In honor of Adoption, THP will


donate a portion of each “Ru”


puppet sale to All Blessings


International, an international


adoption agency.


Now Offering Arm Rods

As a Creative Arts Director, I’ve been concerned about metal arms rods.  The metal with a sharp point on the end made me nervous that a child was going to get hurt. 


So, we created an arm rod out of wood, but the concern was that it would be strong enough.  We found oak wood to make the rod and poplar wood for the grip. 


Then we painted them black.  It has worked well with our groups.


NOTE: Totals equaling less than $60 are subject to shipping charges.

2 sizes:     Regular—19”     Small—14.5”

         $4 each or 2 for $7

Arm Rods

Professional Whitelight Puppets

Both puppets are:

· 22 inches high

· Rod-arm puppets

       (rod arms not included)

· THP’s unique Mouth Grip

· Comes with peasant style blouse


$115 Half Body


$191.00 Full Body

Ashley (Half Body or Full Body)
Crystal (Half Body or Full Body)
Ru (Half Body or Full Body)