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Palmyra, MI 49268



THP Puppets has been making top quality Professional Blacklight Puppets for 16 years!!

Our People Puppets start at $99.00 and are 22 inches tall.  They are handmade, rod-arm

puppets with lined bodies. (NOTE: Rod arms are not included)

If you’re just getting started, order a few of our Glowzle Puppets starting at $60.  Glowzles

do not have “arms” but come with a “hand option” which gives them a very human quality

allowing the puppet to pick up items.

Our custom-made puppets are especially popular with churches and youth pastors, and

creative arts teams. We specialize in black light puppets that are made with UV-sensitive

fabrics and feathers. Our puppets have their own distinct faces that are the trademark of Talking Hands Puppets.

Each month, we put at least one of our top quality puppets on sale.  Take advantage of our specials and add to your inventory.


Paying it Forward . . .

It is our desire here at THP, not only to provide top quality puppets at an affordable price, but to help other churches & ministries in less fortunate areas.

We have sent puppets to the mission field in countries like the Philippines and Bulgaria.  As funds become available, we hope to send more puppets to those who would never be able to afford one.  If you’re interested in helping a ministry obtain puppets for their ministry, let us know.


Custom Made Puppets

If you find that you’re in need of a specific color or type of puppet, let us know. 

We can accommodate custom orders as well. 

Call (517)507-4560  or e-mail us at